Help With Benefits 

We know that at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty with jobs. For a lot of people, this may be the first time having to claim the new style benefits that the government introduced a few years back. They can be quite daunting and confusing at first. The first thing to know is that all benefits are now applied for online on the website.

If you need further information, help or advice, below are three organsiations that are fantastic and can offer you support.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens advice is the first place we would recommend contacting if you need help or advice about benefits.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all face to face services have been stopped however you can call the Stoke office if you need more help.

0300 3309 062

Potteries Gold

Please please please follow potteries gold on Facebook. They have lots and lots of useful information about what benefits you are eligible for and which you will be better off claiming. It is run by Stoke Citizen Advice and is amazing.

Disability Solutions

Disability Solutions are based in Hartshill and offer a wide array of help with benefits. They can help with PIP, ESA, DLA, so if you need help claiming or feel you have been given the wrong decision about a benefit and want to appeal, you should contact them.

01782 667333

Advice line open 10am-2:30pm Mon-Thurs

The following leaflets are from the Potteries Gold Facebook Page, which is run by Citizens Advice Stoke. 

Each one gives amazing explanations of benefits, how to apply, how to know if you're eligible, what to do if you want to appeal a decision and so much more. If you are confused at all about benefits, please look at the leaflets below.


I'm Out of Work

Benefits for Jobseekers

Benefits if you've been made redundant

Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit?

Getting Ready to Claim UC

Leaving School and Need to Claim UC

Health Changes That Mean Claiming UC

Will I Be Better Off On UC?

Self Employed and Claiming UC

Universal Credit and Childcare

Family Changes That Mean Claiming UC

Disability and Sickness Benefits

Benefits if you're Not Fit for Work (ESA)

Changing from DLA to PIP

Attendance Allowance

Severe Disability Premium

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Disability Living Allowance for Children

Benefits for Carers

Industrial Disablement

Going Into Hospital

Older People

Benefits for Older People

Housing Benefit for Older People

Council Tax Reduction For Older People

Sanctions/ Appeals

Benefit Sanctions

Appealing a Decision

Going to Tribunal


Housing Benefit

Help With Health Costs

Changes To Benefits If You Seperate Or Are Widowed

The Benefit Cap

Help With Council Tax 

(Working Age)

Help With Funeral Costs

Living Togther? What This Means For Your Benefits

The Two Child Limit